BorderLlamas, Llama Trekking in France, Llama Training Courses in France, Smallholding Courses in France, Llamas for sale in France
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5 Day Advanced Llama Training Course

Border Llamas, Llama Trekking in France, Llama Training Courses in France, Smallholding Courses in France, Llamas for sale in France
Llama Trekking in France, Llama Training Courses in France & Llamas for sale in France
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Border Llamas, Llama Trekking in France, Llama Training Courses in France, Smallholding Courses in France, Llamas for sale in France
The 5 day Intensive Llama Training Course is aimed at providing the novice llama owner with an in-depth introduction to llamas and also in depth information regarding their particular area of interest, be this Breeding, Trekking or just keeping llamas as pasture pets and animals guardians. During this course we also arm you with the knowledge of how to teach your own llamas. During the course you will be haltering, handling and leading both trained and untrained llamas.   The actual content of the course will be altered as necessary to ensure maximum coverage  of your  particular area of interest.  So, if trekking is what you wish to focus on  and not breeding then this will become the main focus, likewise for those mainly interested in breeding llamas this would become the focus of the course. The subject areas covered are: General: Reasons for keeping llamas Physical characteristics What to look for in a good llama and what to avoid Communication/Behaviour Stabling/Shelter/Pastures/Fencing Nutrition/Husbandry/Medication Shearing, brushing, fibre use General first aid and Dealing with choke, heat stress, hypothermia etc Essential equipment to have Costs of keeping llamas Legal status of llamas in France Training Your and the llamas safety Your and the Llamas body language Training facilities De-sensitising Catching Handling Haltering Leading Breeding Selecting a Stud male selecting Breeding females Breeding programme/Line-breeding/in-breeding/problems Pregnancy Birth Cria Care Nutrition for pregnant/feeding females Importing and Exporting llamas (to and from France) Trekking Safety Trekking considerations Environmental considerations Routes, distances, breaks Transportation Different types of packs Loading the packs and weighing Fitting the pack system Cleaning the pack system Essential First aid equipment Communications The typical day will be: 0900  Commence 1200 Lunch 1330  Afternoon session 1700 Finish - questions Price: The fully inclusive price for a 5 Day Intensive Llama Training Course is €750 (approx £590*) for 1 person or €1250 (approx £985*)  for two people sharing a double room.   The fully inclusive price includes 5 nights accommodation, all meals as well as drinks: water, tea, coffee and soft drinks throughout the day. If you wish to extend your stay and spend some time just relaxing, please contact us for a price. * Depending on the exchange rate at the time of payment For more information about any of our llamas training courses or to make a booking, please just telephone or send us an e- mail. Payment A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your course.  All outstanding monies are to be paid via Electronic Bank Transfer in either Sterling or Euros at least 14 days prior to the course commencement date.  Sorry but we do not accept card payments. Our Bank details will be provided on receipt of your booking request. Refunds A full refund will be made if you provide us with notification to cancel your course via e-mail at least 30 days in advance of the date the course is due to commence.  If you cancel after this time you will forfeit your deposit. A full refund of your deposit will also be made if we have to cancel your course.  Thank you for visiting our web site, we hope you enjoy and benefit from the information and pictures provided for your pleasure. 
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Llama Trekking in France, Llama Training Courses in France  & Llamas for sale in France